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DOTA2 9月2日重生客户端更新

  今天的更新看上去很大 其实是因为大部分普通客户端的内容全部加入重生的关系 也说明重生客户端离正式推出的时间越来越近了


  Added full support for the 64 bit Dota client

  Improved input processing latency

  Inventory items can now be tagged with custom tags allowing for more powerful filtering options

  Enabled Autoexec.cfg support

  Started rolling out community created custom games on Valve dedicated servers

  All Source 1 content (items, music packs, etc) is now in Source 2 Increased custom game maximum map size to support 32k on each axis (2x larger on each axis)

  Added additional Open Mic voice options in the Settings panel

  Fixed various bugs with Control Groups not loading and saving correctly

  Mouse button keybindings will now display correctly in the settings dialog

  Enabled the All Hero Challenge panel (accessible via the profile)

  Fixed additional cases where global items could become unequipped

  Improved hero loading speed in various game modes

  Improved the time it takes to perform the initial update when connecting to a game server

  Add settings option to control whether the console is enabled or not

  Added force right-click attack to the settings dialog

  Added spectator smooth drag to the settings dialog

  Added effigies in the Global Items panel

  Weather effect default items now appear correctly

  Fixed various crashes

  Reworked how projectiles are sent from the server to be more resilient to packet loss

  Fixed an issue that caused players to take too long to time out, and thus be unable to reconnect quickly

  Fixed various issues with Voice Chat

  Fixed being unable to enter the game after being automatically randomed a hero in Ranked All Pick

  Fixed a rare case where item combining could cause items to be destroyed

  Friends list is now sorted correctly

  Fixed an issue where spectating would sometimes never finish loading

  Allow editing of the profile card options from your own profile page

  Fixed some cases of particles not being destroyed correctly

  Fixed some cases of particle effect models flickering; for example Tusk's Ice Shards

  Visage's Familiars will now display their ambient particles

  Fixed Scepter upgraded Demonic Purge being refreshable

  Winter's Curse and Reaper's Scythe will not prevent Aghanim's upgraded Skeleton King Reincarnation

  Fixed some cases where trying to purge invisibility effects would cause visual flickering

  Improved the selection boxes on Winter Wyvern

  Fixed some cases where incoming voice would affect the audio even when voice volume was set to zero

  Fixed a bug with reconnecting during ARDM

  Improved rendering performance on Global Items panel

  Fixed a bug where SendCustomGameEventToServer wouldn't work correctly on Valve dedicated servers

  Added SendCustomMessageToTeam scripting function

  AddCommand bindings are now cleared between games

  Implemented the player_chat game events

  PhysicalArmorBaseValue and BaseMagicalResistanceValue are now networked

  Fixed a bug where setting certain style properties via Javascript could stomp other properties (e.g. setting panel.style.x would stomp panel.style.y)

  Added the ability to specify the size of a new tile grid or resize an existing tile grid

  Added shadow filtering for sfm lights, controllable by shadowFilterSize control

  Added DepthBias and SlopeScaleDepthBias controls to sfm lights

  Added ambientIntensity control to sfm lights

  Increased max sfm light count to 32 (max shadowed light count is still 16)

  Implemented ambient occlusion in sfm













  剩下是一大堆BUG修复 就不一一翻译了


  同时官博也发布了新的博文 题目为 即将到来:重生更新 这也意味着 起源1 DOTA2的替换工作正在有条不紊的进行中 起源2DOTA2(重生客户端)作为正式客户端的日子也一天一天临近



  同时官博也发布了新的博文 题目为 即将到来:重生更新 这也意味着 起源1 DOTA2的替换工作正在有条不紊的进行中 起源2DOTA2(重生客户端)作为正式客户端的日子也一天一天临近

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