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EE AMA言论选:Black被高估 Hao BP坑VG

[MOBA论坛] [已跟帖]2015-6-27 10:54:34 作者:tingyuqiqi_|译 来源:twitch

EEsama在 twitch的做的Ask me anything活动..

  EEsama在 twitch的做的Ask me anything活动,以下为EE部分言论翻译:

  ESL was both good and bad.、


  Fata and EE had a huge fight after ESL.


  Journalism (and e-sports journalism) is bullshit.


  The best carry in the world right now is RTZ, but it could change quickly.


  N0tail is amazing... "He's a true man"... but he's broken after playing with Fnatic.


  There are internal issues in C9 right now that prevent EE from playing to its full potential.


  EE feels responsible for losing the first game vs iG. He feels C9 could have won game 3 if his teammates had listened to him.


  EE plans on playing dota for 2 or 3 more years.


  C9 has 4 players who are "next level" and one player who is "very good, but not next level" (Misery)


  He feels he has gotten stronger over the past year. (Edit from EE: "I said I've gotten weaker in many ways over the past year though >_>")

  我感觉我去年一年都在进步,我自己越来越强了(EE 补充说明了一下“我说的是,我感觉这几年一直在变弱,只是去年变弱的比较少 ”)

  SingSing is very mechanically strong, but he's not someone you want to play with in a team. He's not fun to play with. He added that he hasn't played with Sing in a year though, so things might be different now.


  "I don't consider Black that good." And EE thinks a lot of people think the same way.


  Bone is drafting because he's the most stable player


  EE doesn't feel like he (and carry players in general) can draft this patch because carries just sit in lane but there's too much going on in the early and mid game for carries to understand how to draft. He also mentioned he thought Hao drafting for VG was genuinely really fucking them over.

  我不认为这个版本我能BP的很好,carry也打的一般。这是因为carry往往长期赖在线上而前中期有很多事情需要carry的参与,而且bp中也应当对前中期carry的局势有所考量。我认为Hao帮VG BP简直把VG坑出屎来了!

  Sing also doesn't really criticise others but EE has no idea as to whether it's because he doesn't notice or whatever


  He mentioned that DotA is so hard at the moment that it's hard to tell if a player is really good or not just from watching them play. You can't tell how good a player is until you play with them.


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